iCLEAR’s uniqueness is helping teach organizations to create the foundational environment upon which to base all operational decisions. Personnel, process and technology strategies should only be made when appropriate policy and governance structures are in place – - otherwise over 70% of hiring and technology acquisitions are ineffective or inefficient.  iCLEAR’s team helps those in leadership and managerial positions to better understand and develop comprehensive cyber strategies.

iCLEAR LLC is a U.S. company headquartered near Washington, D.C., created to provide first-tier Cyber Leadership Education to global organizations and governments.  The company provides proven and unparalleled expertise and advisory services in all areas of cyber, including policy, strategies, security, critical infrastructure protection, supply chain, governance, law, and interactive hands-on laboratory exercises and simulations.  The iCLEAR team is organized to provide tailored services to public-private partnerships, conduct custom educational program delivery, and translate comprehensive cyber policy into cyber program implementation.

iCLEAR team members have provided professional consulting and instructional expertise to organizations throughout the:

  • United States
  • Northern and Central Europe
  • The Middle East
  • The Far East
  • Southwest Asia
  • Central and South America.

They have amassed a wealth of insights and cross-pollination in best-practices that is known across the globe; their network of knowledge-based authorities is unequalled.