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Cyber Fundamentals (CFD)
Essentials of computers and communications networks: architecture, operating systems (OS), web-client server,  computer software, storage concepts, communication mechanisms.

Cyber Security (CSC)
Threats & vulnerabilities, attack vectors, tools, vulnerability assessment,  incident response, crypto, firewall and intrusion detection/prevention, wireless security, control systems, and more.

Cyber Enterprise Management and Strategy (CEM)
Building a cyber strategy, component risk management, economics of cyber, cyber organizational structure, culture, employee qualifications, identification management, standards, & acquisition.

Cyber Law, War and Policy (CLP)
National and international law, trade agreements, enforcement agencies, policy issues in attack & defense, cyber issues in legal and organizational relationships.

Cyber Analysis and Synthesis (CAS)
Structures of the internet, concepts of computational networks & data structures, data warehousing, data mining & discovery, cyber intelligence, surveillance/recon, modeling/simulation of the cyber environment.

Economics of Cyber Security (ECS)
Micro level: cost/benefit, trust relationships, insurance, decision support and collaboration.  Macro level: org risk management, components of the cyber industry, cyber effects on national & international security, economics and culture.

Advanced Cyber Security (ACS)
Current issues in cyber network configuration, RF threat vulnerabilities, malware analysis and reverse engineering, mobile device attack/defend, honey pots/nets, chip & board level attack, trusted computing, mobile computing.

Cyber Physical Security (CPS)
Issues in cyber control systems such as electrical infrastructure, building controls, pipelines, transportation and medical systems. Vulnerability assessment, countermeasures for improving security peculiar to CPS and the use of standards.

Continuity of Operations (COO)
How to avert and mitigate potential information technology (IT) contingencies and disasters or minimize the damage.  Early preparation to control the event, planning for incident handling, and disaster response.

COMING SOON! – Chief Information Officer (CIO) competency courses!