The iCLEAR Advantage

  • Internationally experienced-based team of instructional “super-stars” whose life work has been teaching Cyber Mastery to current and future leaders.
  • Global in reach and fully scalable to client needs… programs and products can be as specific as a solitary consultation or single course, up to and including a comprehensive cyber curriculum applicable on a nation-wide basis.
  • Special services such as customized Cyber Laboratory development or the creation of a full spectrum Cyber Academy or Cyber College capable of conferring academic degrees.
  • Capability to visualize, orchestrate, and execute Seminars, Conferences, and Offset Initiatives.
  • Connected to experienced cyber and technology leaders and experts around the world
  • Partnerships provide opportunities for academic accreditation and certificate courses/program
  • Experience in international partnering to assist countries deliver courses and build education institutions
  • Mobile labs to demonstrate and teach SCADA and Cyber defense labs